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  • 19-Sep-2016: Violinwiki.org - violin [accoustic] wiki
  • 31-Aug-2016: Fedora Project Wiki a LINUX distribution
  • 28-Aug-2016: Wordfence Documentation — documentation of the Wordfence security plugin for WordPress websites
  • 14-Jul-2016: Encyclopedia Magnetica — encyclopedia of magnetism and electromagnetism
  • 07-Jul-2016: TechNet Wiki — Microsoft Developer Community
  • 06-Jul-2016: Betreuungsrechtslexikon — German wiki about custodianship law
  • 06-Jul-2016: BildungsWiki — German wiki specialised on education about humanities
  • 04-Jul-2016: Custom Mario Kart Wiki — about Mario Kart Wii modding
  • 15-May-2016: Tox — about the software Tox
  • 11-May-2016: DIGITUS Wiki — DIGITUS® support wiki
  • 05-May-2016: PolyWiki.se — about polyamory and relationship anarchy
  • 01-May-2016: WikiFood — about ingredients of food
  • 27-Apr-2016: Freephile.org — community of Free Software developers, advocates, and users
  • 30-Mar-2016: Rechnerwiki — German wiki about calculators
  • 09-Mar-2016: The Internet Wiki — a wiki dedicated to documenting the Internet and the technologies that run it
  • 06-Mar-2016: Wikiagé — where @javiage shares what he learns
  • 24-Jan-2016: My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki — about MLP fan works
  • 24-Jan-2016: My Little Bronies Wiki — a My Little Pony wiki
  • 01-Jan-2016: Wikïnity — new encyclopedia of Twinity 3D Metaverse in spanish
  • 05-Dec-2015: Ромянă Чирилице Wики — a free encyclopedia in Cyrillic Romanian that anyone can edit
  • 27-Nov-2015: OperaWiki‎ — German about Opera Browser
  • 03-Nov-2015: Inkipedia — the free, editable Splatoon wiki!
  • 22-Oct-2015: Simplepedia‎ — new German language Wiki on 'controversial' subjects
  • 31-Sep-2015: RootzWiki‎ — how to root your smartphone
  • 12-Sep-2015: Mikrocontroller.net — German electronics wiki
  • 28-Sep-2015: VroniPlag Wiki‎ — detectign plagiate in masters thesis
  • 20-Sep-2015: Prepaid-Wiki — prepaid mobile phone services in Germany in German language
  • 17-Jul-2015: Wikimitos.org — encyclopedia's mythologies in Spanish language
  • 16-Jul-2015: Ballroom.wiki — dance techniques
  • 16-Jul-2015: OpenJournal.wiki — volunteer peer reviewed MediaWiki-based academic journal
  • 08-Jul-2015: AdaDevelopersAcademy.wiki — the Ada Developers Academy addresses diversity in Seattle's tech community
  • 08-Jul-2015: HKPolDB.wiki‎ — Hong Kong Politics DB (politicians and political parties in Hong Kong)
  • 07-Jul-2015: Hillary.wiki — about Hillary Clinton
  • 07-Jul-2015: Kucharka.wiki — Kuchařka (English: cookbook) is for students (or Matfyzáks) at MMF UK, the Prague institution also known as Matfyz
  • 07-Jul-2015: GTA.wiki — dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto franchise
  • 04-Jul-2015: Mitopedia.biz — encyclopedia's mythologies in Spanish language (see Wikimitos.org)
  • 24-Jun-2015 The Library Wiki — a site seeking to collect, store, and archive fanfiction for reading purposes
  • 16-Jun-2015: PME.wiki — Pasaulinė Mokslo Enciklopedija (PME) means 'World Encyclopedia of Science' in Lithuanian
  • 16-Jun-2015: IPBritanico.wiki — Spanish-language wiki about the Instituto Profesional Chileno Británico de Cultura
  • 16-Jun-2015: EFL.wiki — used by a community of teachers who work on a project called English as a Foreign Language Resources and Materials; EFL is an acronym for English as a Foreign Language
  • 16-Jun-2015: Craftown.wiki — dedicated to the Polish Minecraft server Craftown
  • 16-Jun-2015: CMC.wiki — Russian-language wiki for faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University
  • 16-Jun-2015: Biotopia.wiki — dedicated to environmental art
  • 16-Jun-2015: Wikifen.wiki — Spanish-language wiki about the Universidad de Chile
  • 16-Jun-2015: Zabbix.wiki — about Zabbix, an enterprise open source monitoring solution for networks and applications
  • 16-Jun-2015: Otherfaith.wiki — dedicated to Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion created in 2010
  • 11-Jun-2015: GameShows.wiki — dedicated to game shows
  • 01-Jun-2015: BellaBull.wiki — dedicated to the television series Bella and the Bulldogs
  • 01-Jun-2015: Unai.wiki — Portuguese-language wiki about Unai, a city in Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • 26-May-2015: Enigmail.wiki — documentation by the project team of Enigmail, a free and open source OpenPGP plugin for Mozilla applications
  • 26-May-2015: CommunityTheatre.wiki — community theatre
  • 05-May-2015: DC.wiki — Washington, D.C.
  • 12-Mar-2015: Death With Dignity Wiki — about physician assisted dying and end of life options
  • 10-Mar-2015: Ouya.wiki — repository for all things OUYA, both hardware and software
  • 07-Mar-2015: Unbreakable Machine-Doll Wiki — an encyclopedia about the Unbreakable Machine-Doll light novel, manga, and anime

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