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Status: Dead
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Amapedia was's community-powered website for sharing information and learning more about the products you like the most. It was the next generation of's product wiki feature; previous contributions to the old wiki were preserved and lived here until end of 2010.

Amapedia introduces a new way of organizing product information that we call “collaborative structured tagging”. Articles about products are tagged with terms that describe what the product is (“This Is A”) as well as their most important features (“Facts”). We believe that this way of organizing information will make it easy for you to write about the products that you like most. This structured information will also allow other community members to easily discover, filter, and compare related products and product features. Check out Real-time Strategy Games to get a sense of what collaborative structured tagging is about.

We know that we are a long way from fulfilling our mission to offer the aforementioned experience for all products that people like. To get there, we need your help.[1]