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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: JohnLewis
Owner / CEO: See "Staff members"
Status: Active
Engine: MediaWiki
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Miraheze is a free MediaWiki wiki farm, built on the defunct Orain wiki farm.

Miraheze commits to:

  • Be free of charge
  • Have no ads
  • Be 100% open-source (code)
  • To run the most recent version of MediaWiki, offering a competitive collection of optional extensions, including Semantic MediaWiki
  • Offer possibility for custom domains
  • And HTTPS for all wikis
  • Has friendly volunteer community support, open to your requests
  • And supplies the possibility to have VisualEditor and Flow.

To do:


Miraheze does not allow wiki founders to fully manage their wiki; tools such as Check user and Oversight are only used by Miraheze Stewards, as they reveal personal information. Any extension at Miraheze can be requested, but it requires a security review before being installed. Miraheze Stewards only intervene in local communities at the request of the community or if there is vandalism on the wiki.

Staff members[edit]

  • JohnLewis (co-founder)
  • Southparkfan (co-founder)
  • NDKilla
  • Labster
  • User:Reception123
  • revi
  • imbophil