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PukiWikiLogo.png PukiWiki
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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Status: Active
Interface language: Multilingual
Programming language: PHP
Software license: GNU General Public License

PukiWiki wiki engine. The developers (and the homepage) are Japanese, but there is information in English here. The hompage used be at '', but unfortunately that domain name was accidentally lost and is now a pointless domain parked website. The wiki homepage is: PukiWiki.

PukiWiki is written in PHP, with plain text file-based storage. Binary data can be attached to any page. "slash" divides content into directory-like hierarchy. Icons at the bottom provide wiki features, e.g. for Recent changes click the clock icon (recentchanges.png)

yet another wiki markup, with ''bold'' and '''italic'''.
we don't want to make this word into a W''''''ikiLink
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