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This is the root node for attempts to describe wikis in terms of their geographic scope. Categorizing a wiki with one of the available subcategories should be a significant way of answering the question: Where is the wiki relevant?

Here are the subcategories that are intended to be here for specific reasons:

  • Earth - This is the root node of a tree of locations that get more and more specific as you descend the category tree. Have a wiki about something in London? It should NOT go in Earth, Europe, or United Kingdom... but if you follow that chain of subcategories you'll find a category for London... which is the right place for London specific wikis.
  • Cities - Some of the first real "governments" were by and for cities. Cities ane economically, linguisitically, and geographically meaningful in a way many other "kinds of locations" aren't. Wikis about cities deserve a special category.
  • New York - This is here because it's a bad category. Any pages in this category were put there by someone who didn't realize there was a New York State or a New York City category that was more appropriate. Putting it here makes it easy to find and correct these mistakes (try checking this category yourself and recategorize anything you find there).
  • Places - This category is being slowly dismantled according to a plan on it's talk page. Eventually it will be deleted. You can help by checking out the talk page and then finding pages and categories that don't fit the scheme it offers.


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