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Wikispaces.png Wikispaces
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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: WikiFarmFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiFarmCEO
Engine: CustomEngine
Status: WikiFarmStatus, owned by Tangient LLC, is a wiki farm offering free wiki hosting in various languages and paid-for extra features since early 2005. Wikispaces seems to be aimed at small companies, educational establishments, special interest groups, as well as private individuals. WikiMatrix indicates Wikispaces have over 4 million users and more than 1.5 million wikis (so we need to get our skates on to add them all here on WikiIndex !!!).

Wikispaces runs custom-built proprietary software with some interesting features. It does not support CamelCase, but does support all other conventional wikilink creation functions. Free 'spaces' are 'supported' by GoogleAds, whereas paid spaces don't. All Wikispaces support the OpenID log-in.

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You can include an article page in this category via one (or more) of three methods:
a) – add Wikispaces in the appropriate field of its infobox template
b) – 'tag' a word within the prose of the article, as in {{tag|Wikispaces}}
c) – add [[Category:Wikispaces]] at the bottom of the edit box.

There is a directory of 'Wikispaces'  [dead link] which lists all the wikis on this wiki farm. For the biggest most active wikis see top spaces.  [dead link]

For a list of wikis we have indexed see below. The following wikis in this category are part of the Wikispaces wiki farm.


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