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DokuWiki user list[edit] - some are dead in this list --Wolf | talk 03:14, 1 July 2009 (EDT)


In the simplicity of a DokuWiki, there is no statistics inbuilt, like in MediaWiki. A statistics plugin is available, but it is single page oriented, does not count pages in the wiki. In order to obtain a number of page one has to go via 'Page Index', which is accessed by clicking the Sitemap link in the global navigation of the DokuWiki.

Alternatively, You can use the link DOMAIN/doku.php/start?do=index

What You get is list of all pages which You got to count 'by hand' ;-) It is not necessary to care for these subsections of this page on top of the list:

  • wiki - Helpfiles
  • file - media-files
  • user - user-pages

if they exist. A DokuWiki Admin is obviously free to create all sorts of funny namespaces which You got to search eventually. Click at the name of the space to open it.

DokuWiki does have a most visited pages feature somewhere .... in the Statistics Plugin... if installed... --Manorainjan 04:39, 31 July 2016 (PDT)