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Update: closed due to non-activity.

This was branched from moin--main--1.5--patch-399 (== release 1.5.1) to separately work on the following goals:

  • 1. Make html output better (more valid).
    • Reduce problems the GUI editor converter has in 1.5.1.
  • 2. Cleanup the formatter API

While we are working on that goal, changes to moin--main--1.5 should be reduced to a minimum (security, critical bugs), due to following reasons:

  • concentrate on goal (see above),
    • thus do not spend time on other features, neither here nor in "main" branch
  • finish as soon as possible,
    • thus make merging "refactor" branch back to "main" branch easier

Also please keep changes here as small as possible to reach the goal. Do not extend the goal without discussion and good reason.