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Welcome to CommunityServerWiki!

This was a public discussion area for people to talk about weblog CommunityServer software, blogging and KnowledgeManagement.

You can keep track of changes here by:

  • bookmarking the RecentChanges page
  • using a NewsAggregator:

A bit of history. The original CommunityServer was RadioCommunityServer from UserLand Software. The first working open-source clone was PythonCommunityServer, and the second was PhpStorageSystem. Sometime in between the two, DevilFish began development. JavaCommunityServer was started more recently.

Current discussion topics

  • XmlStorageSystem/Uses - things to do with CommunityServer software
  • PycsFuture - where PythonCommunityServer should go next
  • TextFormatting - ways to format text on wikis, comment pages, and other non-wysiwyg editors
  • BloggingTools - list of blogging tools
  • RidiculouslyEasyGroupForming - a possible CS application
  • WeblogInterestGroups - some lists of blogs, grouped by application / interest

This wiki is dormant - it was last editied in 2005! [1]