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Small monochrome image with a white background, displaying the words black text 'no logo'. CyberneticRoadmap
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Status: Archived
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: YourWikiEngine
Wiki license: MultiLicense
Main topic: Technology
Wiki Size: 32 pages see stats...
(As of: 2017-MM-DD)

CyberneticRoadmap was a wiki for creating a map for future technology worked on at WikiSym 2005 and RecentChangesCamp 2006. The wiki has been offline since late 2008, thankfully, has saved a few pages, a particularly good example being this page.

The textual content of the wiki was published under two license; namely: the Creative Commons ShareAlike 1.0 (CC-SA 1.0), and the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2 (GNU FDL v1.2).