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Inactive.png Elder Scrolls Fanon (YourWiki)

Elder Scrolls Fanon, or Tesfanon, is a database for Elder Scrolls fan-creations. This includes fan-fiction, fan-created mods, fan-films, etc. It recently installed the Semantic MediaWiki extension for easy searching and the displaying of data.

Wiki Size: 590 pages see stats...


Early history[edit]

George Skywalker requested the creation of Elder Scrolls Fanon on August 16, 2007. The request was accepted by Wikia on August 21, 2007, and George became the wiki's first administrator. Growth of the wiki remained relatively slow until the August of 2008 when Darth Storm and Michaeldsuarez arrived at the wiki and become administrator. In least than a year, over five hundred articles were created.

Move to YourWiki[edit]

After switching to the Creative Commons Attributions Share-Alike 3.0 license in the June 2009, Michaeldsuarez decided that Tesfanon grew as much as it could under Wikia, so he decided to look for an alternative wiki farm to host them. After closely examining many possible candidates, Michaeldsuarez decided that YourWiki should be Tesfanon's new home. Michaeldsuarez raised the possible for a move in a forum, and the wiki's community unanimously decided to move to YourWiki.

Tesfanon moved to YourWiki on July 16, 2009, but the new wiki remained closed to non-administrative for about a week for some repairs. On July 22, the new wiki was opened for edits.

Due to Wikia's policy against closing down abandoned wikis, the old Wikia site remains open to edits. However, the old wiki at Wikia is not maintained any longer.

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