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FLOSS Manuals is an international network producing collaborative free software manuals. It was created by Adam Hyde, who has been the main driving force behind the project. Currently the active language communities include English, French, Finnish, Farsi and Dutch FLOSS Manuals. Manuals are usually published under the GPL license, and therefore they are available for anyone to copy and modify.


FLOSS Manuals isn't based only on online collaboration. Actually many of the manuals are written in Booksprints, intensive sessions of a few days, where writers are collaborating live. In Booksprints, entire books are often produced in a few days.


Booki is a collaborative authoring platform that has in many ways been designed based on the experiences of the FLOSS Manuals project. Originally, FLOSS Manuals used a modified version of TWiki. Booki is optimized for writing long texts such as free software manuals or Creative Commons text books, instead of a large amount of short encyclopedia articles. Booki is also able to produce PDF and ePub books. It also has features of a microblogging site and is being integrated with the Status.net microblogging platform.

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