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GWwik is a communal project to flesh out Garweeze Wurld, the official setting for the roleplaying game HackMaster by Kenzer & Company, and the campaign world used for BA Felton's campaign in the Knights of the Dinner Table. Although a lot of details for the setting exist via KODT Magazine and HackMaster supplements, there is little giving a cohesive overview of the setting, or even linking the many losely connected details. The goal of the GWwiki is to collect and expand upon the information available and create a setting that is not only playable, but rich in detail.


To Promote Garweeze Wurld As A Campaign Setting By:

  1. Collecting all of the scattered canonical information from its disparate sources into one functional reference medium.
  2. To document specific representations of HackMaster entities and concepts on Garweeze Wurld, and their effects thereupon.
  3. To provide a unifying forum for freelance authors to collaborate on Garweeze Wurld materials to better ensure internal consistency.
  4. To give voice to GameMasters running campaigns in Garweeze Wurld who wish to share their work with others.
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