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This was derived from the Galactic Crucibles About page.

The Galactic Crucibles Wiki (commonly known as 'GC') is a wiki started on 13 March 2012. Originally inspired by the video game Spore, the wiki is set in its own original universe. The wiki started among the Spore Fan Fic Wiki as a series of Spore fan fictions dating back to early 2009. Eventually, these stories gradually became more separated from the game itself, evolving into its own completely different universe. Later, those fictions were given their own wiki - the Galactic Crucibles wiki. An elaborate backstory was created to help set the scene. This elaborate backstory is more than just a backstory. It's a mythology packed to the brim with lore. The Galactic Crucibles Wiki contains hundreds of named planets and dozens of unique civilizations and alien creatures to supplement all of the stories here. Your creations only make this large mythology even bigger.

What makes the Galactic Crucibles Wiki different from fan fictions? It is an entirely original universe with its own user-created Sapient beings, locations, characters, stories and more. Specifically, it is set in the fictional universe of Omni 01.

According to the real world theory of many-worlds, whenever you create something either on this wiki or elsewhere, your creation becomes a reality. The theory implies that there is one universe for every possible outcome. An example of this is Schrödinger's cat - in one particular universe, there is a cat locked inside a steel box. That universe can continue if the box is opened and the cat still lives, but if the cat is found dead, another outcome becomes possible, hence another universe is created. From one scenario, two universes are created (or if you wanted to go deeper, you could say that in another universe, this cat grows into a giant tiger and breaks out of the steel box).

Logically, your stories are all a series of possible outcomes that differ from the real world. They may be slightly different or may differ greatly. While it is currently impossible to visit your creations, as a writer, you should seek to make the omniverse more diverse.

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