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Game Cloud is a site of collaborative video game creation without headaches. The readers can play games, then create and modify games.

Game Cloud is a proposed project of the Wikimedia Foundation.



Contributors write data that constructs an HTML5 video game via JavaScript. JavaScript developers can improve the game engine.


The same way Wikipedia is an encyclopedic work that is created by a huge number of disinterested people, Game Cloud is a creative work (video games) that are created by a huge number of disinterested people and the target is to promote the concept of collaborative creativity. See the YouTube video for more explanations.

The most important aspect is that the trade secret of the video games is public so someone can create a creative work based on an already existing creative work.

Spreading ideas[edit]

One day, I have imagined several ideas for platform games.

The first idea is a 3D platformer where there is a huge ball-in-a-maze puzzle covered by a glass. The puzzle is balanced and the player can go on the puzzle. The player has to move on the glass to make the puzzle incline and move the ball. This is typically a platform game challenge as it requires agility.

The second idea may already exist. At a moment in the game, the player goes behind a wall but the camera stays at the same place. It still films the scene and tracks the character and you have to find the way blindly.

The third idea is the ability to create a maelstrom. In the water, you have to swim in a round. When you have done one or two circles, it makes a maelstrom and allows you to sink objects or to be propulsed down.

Unfortunately, I have never published these ideas in a video game, as I don't work for a game editor. That's too bad. So the idea of Game Cloud is to enable anyone to publish its video game idea.

Similar sites[edit]

  • PlayPen
  • OmniLudiCon
  • Sploder — an online video game creator, but it's not collaborative.
  • Audiotool — the same concept, but for the music.
  • 3d Tin — the same concept, but for the 3d.