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WikiIndex to be looked upon as an index like the Yellow Pages: Seriously, who cares the community? The index gets looked up until one finds the desired address and gone the user is. That is not a wiki person, that is a user who USES WikiIndex. Most people do not edit Wikipedia, they are USING it, looking for information. Users should be 100 or 1.000 times more than editors. Therefore, every informative wiki which is not for the self gratification of their editors should keep that in mind. That means that all index-related functions come first in the navigation bar. And the first such function is SEARCH. Fortunately and for the aforesaid reason it is a default configuration of MediaWikis to have a search field on top of nearly every page. So we do not need to care for this.

Most wikis have a "Main Page" link on top even though the click on the logo does the same. I think we should follow this example. Only I would call it Index (and would not really add 'Main Page' in brackets)

For the most part I would not want to have headlines which don't do anything. If possible the headlines should be links as well. That saves space in the navigation bar. It should not be necessary to scroll down to see all entries.

Ad a Wiki is NOT a USERS function. It's an editors function. First we must give to the users many times, than we can expect them to give back. To place this link first is like begging. It looks needy. It's also in no way a community feature but a tool and belongs into the toolbox.

The request an account is not needed there like search, because it is integrated in almost every page by default. Redundant! Kick it!

The 'resources' like books etc. are actually part of the Index just like Wiki, People, Logos ...

Special:RecentChanges is sooooo wiki. There is no chapter for it. It stands out. It's not Index specific, its not statistics, no tool, no help. You could say its a tool for the sysop to take care. But it's also a way for the visitor to see if the Wiki is active, if he/she/it/them .. can expect current information. Credibility. So it must be in the upper part right after the core functions for INDEX.

The Community portal is still a sparsely populated chapter. Certainly all communications features belong there like 'Email this user'. In Special:WhosOnline one can see an active part of the community right now. More functions need to be created. The chatroom should be called like that. Only few people would know that Etherpad provides, amongst other features, a chat.

Next comes the Help pages which really need to be expanded in content.

Toolbox should contain tool to do things, to create. 'What links here' is not a tool it's only information. I can create a (Wiki) Page or upload a file. that's tool.

The Special:Statistics corner is quite full. I don't know if all of this is really needed right there?

I count 'Printable version' as Export function. Printing is also exporting. Permanent link I need for noting it down elsewhere. WikiNode also and Atom is sure export. What I'm painfully missing is Backup. that would come under export as well. Manorainjan (talk) 01:32, 26 September 2014 (UTC)