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Character lists and world maps for the fictional places

The purpose of this wiki is to make possible the building of character lists and world maps for the fictional places which fascinate and haunt us.

Places having this profound affect on those who read about them have been described as the “World as Myth.” A variety of people have presented this concept, but the person who introduced it to us was a Grand Master of Science Fiction: Robert Heinlein∞. The foundational belief is that every fictional world is real somewhere.

Darth Vadar, Lessa, Robinton, Ford Prefect, and Frodo [along with many, many others] all occupy a place in these "World's As Myth".

The purpose of this site is to provide reference books—the “schoolbooks” of these fictional worlds. More specifically, it is our goal to provide a historical record (by showing what happened and when it happened), a “who’s who” (with biographical information for all important characters), and a basic lexicon of terminology specific to this world.

Note: The wiki does not appear to be active anymore, although it appears as though the site's message board system now fulfills the same function.