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Status: New
Language: English
Edit mode: LoginToEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Random
Wiki Size: 2 pages see stats...
(As of: 2017-04-23)

Knowledge Hub is a brand new wiki launched in 2017 by avid Wikian CnocBride! Knowledge Hub, hosted on the Miraheze free MediaWiki wiki farm, is a area for all editors of any age to write articles about any topic they please! This wiki also aims to be a archive of every wiki page in existence on the internet, and hopes to archive all information out there for use by people!

Please note this is a new wiki and is still under construction, and also is NOT a encyclopedic resource, so not all information may be correct. People are free to write about any topic under any namespace. There is little to no deletion policy except in cases of spam!

Once you log in, you are free to create any article you want. You may also apply for certain permissions. This wiki was set up not only to be a archive of information and a hub for wiki editors, but to provide a place were people can feel they are free of deletionism on Wikipedia and the horrible interface of Wikia!