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Status: Vibrant
Language: English
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Wiki engine: UnknownEngine
Main topic: Music

Description[edit] is an internet radio site that plays music based on user preferences. it also hosts lists of users' most played tracks and artists, whether played on the site itself or as "scrobbles" - reports uploaded from computers, ipods and similar devices. all artists and their works have a comments section, although the comments themselves are hardly ever especially incisive. Occasionally negative comments can be removed by the site administrators. administrators alsohave the ability to take down any content on site for any reason - and they don't often feel the need to give a reason.

Wiki section[edit]

Information about artists, tracks and albums is given in wiki form, allowing registered users to edit the content, and add photographs. This can in some cases lead to pages about artists with identical names having to share information about every act, usually with the introductory sentence there are several bands of this name: 1. a metal band from Norway. 2. a jazz band from Lancashire, England. 3. an indie band from Essex, England. followed by fuller information - usually the most popular act is mentioned first. Artists are allowed, indeed encouraged, to add information about themselves, and can upload their own music - many unsigned acts use for this purpose.


Registered users can upload relevant photographs to illustrate articles. These photographs can be voted up or down by the user community, the most popular becoming the default picture for the artist concerned.