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Medabots Wiki is a collaborative website about the Medabots Franchise that aims to be a complete resource for information about the Medabots manga, anime, and games. This Wiki is open for anyone to edit, on any Medabots-related subject.

About Medabots[edit]

Medabots began as a videogame for the Nintendo Gameboy, called Medarot (メダロット), which told the story of Hikaru Agata acquiring his first Medabot: either a Metal Beetle or a Head Scissors, who wear resemblance to a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle and a Stag Beetle respectively. A Medabot is a robot that is formed by six parts: 4 of those called Medaparts, a skeleton called Tin-pet and a Medal, thus the name. These robots are used by people for participating in robattles, battles that happen between these little robots.

Later, a second version of the game was released, called Medarot 2, which happens some years after the original game and that tells the story of Ikki Tenryou, who gets, this time, an upgraded version of the Medabot Hikaru had: a Metabee or a Rokusho. This game was the basis for creating an anime by the hands of Bee Train. The anime was successful enough to be exported to occident, under the name of Medabots. More and more games were created: three more games were created for the Nintendo Gameboy Color and other three more for the Gameboy Advance. These were Medarot 3, Medarot 4 and the spin-off Medarot 5 for the Gameboy Color, and Medarot Navi, Medarot 2 CORE and Shingata Medarot. Medarot 2 CORE was a remake of Medarot 2, and Shingata Medarot a remake of the original game but with many things changed. Other games were created aswell, such as Medarot G and the english language game Medabots AX.

After 8 years of inactivity, a new game was announced for the Nintendo DS called Medarot DS. It is rumoured that the game should be the continuation of Medarot Navi, which is a sequel of Medarot 4.

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