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NetVillageLogoEdit.png NetVillage
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Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki engine: WakkaWiki
Main topic: Personal

NetVillageBanner.png NetVillage was a personal wiki of David Collantes. It is now dead.

Hi there, good day and welcome to NetVillage, the Wiki Around the Corner! NetVillage runs on a WikiEngine, on a WakkaWiki to be exact. This WakkaWiki was brought to you by the WakkaInstaller.

NetVillage is quite young, it has just started.[when?] The goal here is simple: I am trying to create a community of all and for all, but mainly, NetVillage is my personal notepad or scratchpad. That said, in here you will have the space for your own little page, or pages. Try to create something not only useful for you, but for everyone else. I am also aiming on creating a small and modest "library", something like a very mini-encyclopedia, with a wide variety of terms and articles of interest. Anything you may think it is important, come and write it down. We'll do the same. You could also check the WantedPages, and help with the BarnRaising. Just be sure to check out our RulesOfEngagement.