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Wiki engine: Oddmuse
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Main topic: WikiFarm

Odd Wiki is a temporary WikiFarm, denoted as a 'mother wiki' on the odd-wiki-hive hosted by Alex Schröder from Zürich and, in his own words, it is for "demonstration purposes"; which means it is intended as a wiki farm with a hosting limit of one year for demonstration of the Oddmuse wiki engine. When the wiki farm's users reach the one-year limit, or if they want to add substantial extensions, they have to move their wikis to another website.

We want to help people get started. We don't want this to develop into a wiki-farm. We don't have the hands, hearts, and bandwidth required for that. We want this to be the place where people get started, get convinced, get hooked, and get going. Once your wiki takes off, you should eventually migrate your pages to your own system. Don't worry, however: Migration is easy.

Odd Wiki was originally located on TaoRiver, a site run by Lion Kimbro at http://oddwiki.TaoRiver.net from Kirkland, Washington, outside Seattle. It then moved url to http://www.CommunityWiki.org/odd, and it now resides at its own url - http://oddwiki.org/odd/

Wiki Size: 258 pages see stats...
(As of: 17 March 2013)
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