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Oddmuse wiki engine logo Oddmuse
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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: WikiEngineFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiEngineCEO
Status: Active
Interface language: Multilingual
Programming language: Perl
Software license: GNU General Public License
Wiki Size: 1,435 pages see stats...
(As of: 17 March 2013)

This wiki documents the Oddmuse wiki engine. The wiki provides manuals and support for Oddmuse wiki users, administrators and developers. Its' textual wiki content is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Users of Oddmuse report that it is "simple, robust, easy to upgrade, and has excellent antispam measures".

Created by Alex Schröder in 2003, Oddmuse is a fork of the older UseMod engine, and is written in Perl. Oddmuse supports a number of differing wiki-markup styles, including Creole and Moin Markup (a MoinMoin markup style). The Oddmuse software is released for free under the GNU General Public License. Oddmuse has spawned one fork: FsiWiki.

The wikis listed below in this category are powered by the Oddmuse wiki engine.


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