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Pandora is a pocket-sized gaming PC. It is a gaming platform, a UMPC, a PMP, a MID, and many more trendy acronyms as well.

The Pandora wiki discusses this device, the software that runs on it, and related topics.

The OMAP3530 SoC powers the Pandora. Pandora has a fully functional USB host port, bluetooth, two SD slots with SDIO capability, and a serial UART.

Pandora will run a customized build of Linux for the ARM, and is expected to eventually (after the emulation software is ported) run games from most 8 and 16 bit home computer systems.

There will be no fees for developer tools and hence anyone will be free to develop and release games for the system.

Not to be confused with PandoraDev, the Pandora Studios development Wiki.
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