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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Status: Dead
Interface language: English
Programming language: Perl
Software license: GNU General Public License
Wiki Size: 96 pages see stats...
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The primary goal of this personal wiki is the documentation of the engine which serves it – PlikiWiki, a 2005 fork of the WikiWikiWeb-engine. Notable features include:

  • Flat-file database for fine-grained edit locks;
  • Individual wiki pages can be marked read-only;
  • Title and full-text searches;
  • Cache and retrieve of HTML-formatted page body text;
  • Wiki page metadata for preserving page creation, lastmod, and edit counts.

As of 2009-06-29, the live wiki version is PlikiWiki/1.1b Test. However, the wiki / wiki engine now seems to be offline / unavailable, and the last capture by the Internet Archive WaybackMachine was September 2009.