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Around the beginning of May 2009, I blogged about my frustration with American politics. In that post, my first objection to the status quo is "how loyal politicians, including pundits, are to their party fellows in light of error." This wiki is an attempt to fight that trend as a watchdog, but not only within politics; I hope to see profiles for public figures in all fields. I also intend that only people who have involved themselves in public affairs will be subjected to scrutiny; private information should never be published here.

Essentially, you know those people that do stuff and talk to people - and those that only do one or the other? Why do you think they do it? Are they honest? Greedy? Maybe they're just going along with the crowd, or refusing to? Maybe they want something that we don't, and they don't want us to know? Whatever the case, we need to document all sides of the story. We can do this by giving both objective facts and subjective arguments. Then there will be a quick reference available to check what others think about so-and-so.

If you think this is a cool idea, please contact me; without a community I'll eventually stop editing again.

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