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From a brochure:

" Quo Vadis is an annual event that draws together adults interested in education that is empowering. We seek to bring together those who believe education is an enviable opportunity to be pursued over a lifetime rather than a passing obligation. We maintain that the essential foundations of meaningful learning lie not in the institution but the individual; actively seeking knowledge and consequently finding it everywhere. Originally founded as a retreat for self- taught, home schooled, or unschooled young adults Quo Vadis' scope is expanding. We seek to facilitate an event where young and old, traditionally and non-traditionally educated, parents, college students, and educators can all meet, network, and learn from one another. It is partly a social event with time for games and one on one conversations, partly a conference with participant-led workshops as eclectic as the participants themselves, partly a retreat set in the Siuslaw National Forest area, and partly an ongoing experiment. It is wholly a place for those interested in exploring the meaning and practice of education with others. "

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