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WikiIndex:RealNames — there are three ways to be identified when editing a wiki:

1. Use Real Name

WikiIndex as a community prefers that people participate using the style of RealNames.

  • Some basis for this is at Meatball:UseRealNames
  • The WELL - an original community on the internet learned that RealNames were important to building trust in an emotionally context free medium, such as the internet.

2. Pseudonyms

Attaching a pseudonym to your IP address through the LoginToEdit process.

3. Anonymous with some traces

No login needed - aka OpenEdit. Your IP address is logged, and that is not necessarily attached to you, because often there is a variable or dynamic IP address assigned for connections to the internet. Sometimes IPs are scrambled, look for mod-scramble-ip. This method is often termed as an IP editor.

3.1. Anonymous at all

Total anonymity. No log-in needed, no IP logged, no automatic pseudonymisation. Even if not all of the time, for instance at AK VORRAT.

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