Solar Dragon

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Solar Dragon
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Gender: Male
Other names: SD
Nationality: UK
Languages: English
Residence: England
Home wiki: Wikisimpsons

Solar Dragon (real name Callum Walmsley) is the founder of Wikisimpsons, which was a fork of Simpsons Wiki, and a staff member on ShoutWiki.


Solar Dragon started off working on wikis on the Top Trumps Wiki, which was originally founded on, in 2007. After that wiki was merged into Wikia, Solar Dragon started working on wikis there, eventually finding his way to Simpsons Wiki, and was an admin on around 13 wikis, most of which he was active on. He became an admin on Wikisimpsons in 2010, after only a couple of months of actively editing.

When Wikia released their new skin, Solar Dragon listened to many complaints from users of Wikisimpsons and opened a discussion about moving away from Wikia. Wikia's staff later removed his admin rights from fear that he might harm the wiki and later blocked him for protesting against this. He then founded the new Wikisimpsons on ShoutWiki and the wiki was moved there, with most of the active community moving along with him.

After a few months on ShoutWiki, Solar Dragon was given an offer to move Wikisimpsons to become an independent wiki. After opening up a discussion about it, it was decided that the wiki would stay on ShoutWiki. However, a few months later, a new discussion was opened and it was decided that the wiki would become independent, with Solar Dragon becoming the "Head Admin" on the independent Wikisimpsons.

After this move, Solar Dragon was offered a staff position on ShoutWiki which he accepted. He is still a staff member there, although he is inactive. Solar Dragon is also a semi-active contributor to Bulbapedia.

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