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peace resisitance[edit]

The Trident Ploughshares Legal Wiki is dedicated to discussions of legal topics by and for peace campaigners.

Trident Ploughshares (TP) is a group of people who are aiming to rid the United Kingdom of its Trident nuclear missiles by non-violent, open and accountable direct disarmament.

As global citizens we will endeavour to openly, accountably, safely and peacefully disarm the British nuclear weapons system, which is deployed on Trident submarines. Our acts of disarmament are intended to stop ongoing criminal activity under well-recognised principles of international law. We will do this as our part of an international citizens' initiative to encourage a nuclear weapon free world and an international culture of peace and cooperation.

The campaign was 3 years old in May 2001. Before our disarmament action began, we tried to start a dialogue with the British government. We do not take part in direct disarmament actions lightly, and will stop our ploughshares actions if the government shows by practical measures that it is committed to actually fulfil its international and humanitarian obligations by disarming Trident itself.

Up to May 2001, there have been 1211 arrests, 1148 days spent in jail (not including time spent in police cells), and fines totalling 15580 pounds have been imposed.