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Double Hikipedia[edit]

There is a Hikipedia, alternative to on First has 2000 articles, but is unstable, and the second, hosted by Wikia, is smaller, but stable and has been made after the first Hikipedia disappeared ([1]). Szoferka 21:11, 2 June 2006 (EDT)

Triple Hikipedia[edit]

There is another Hikipedia, alternative to on First has 2000 articles, but is unstable, the Wikia site was simply an attempt to start over; it currently has about a hundred pages.

A copy of the text of the original had been made after the first Hikipedia disappeared (this data is currently on [2]). Initial recovery was largely based on reconstructing the site from search-engine archives. The current version of all of the original articles was imported from the original site using XML when peelonet briefly popped back online in June (although MediaWiki does not automatically update stats on XML import, so these aren't currently reflected in the statistics).

While we have a reasonably-good reconstruction of the text, unfortunately neither of the Hikipedia "backup sites" currently has a full set of the original images. The Hikipedia wikicity is not based on the original (it starts over from zero). The site contains a complete copy of the current text recovered from the original and a few images from the English-language Uncyclopedia.

The Hikipedia project, while alive and very much active, is a mess. It looks like is a dynamic-DNS IP, operating much like or other similar servers. It points to an ADSL link to someone's computer in Finland. There was only one admin there when it was up. There is now an even bigger lack of admins who speak Finnish (and Babelfish-like tools are of no use here due to the limited number of supported languages). Much of the site (as recovered) is therefore prone to be a mess of substubs, graffiti and insults.

If Wikia is co-located with the main Wikipedia servers and (* is on commercial shared hosting somewhere in's vast server complex in Dallas, both should be relatively stable. The database from both sites is downloadable, so hopefully we won't lose the site again. The XML text for the other externally-hosted Uncyclopedias is also backed up onto's download area at the moment as a precaution.

If and when comes back up, it may be a good idea to grab a copy of the images? It may come in handy the next time something like this happens. Fortunately, the content is GFDL 1.2 (if from or Creative Commons NC-SA-BY (if originally from the English-language Uncyclopedia) so it may be freely mirrored onto backup sites to ensure a usable working copy. --Carlb 13:20, 11 June 2006 (EDT)