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interesting - what is this page for? :) Chinarut 07:40, 1 July 2006 (EDT)

Hello Ruangchotvit Chinarut

  • couple things, saw that you like mind maps, check out --> PietroSperoniWiki - they at least introduce the idea of mind maps in wiki.
  • read/skim to see what projects we have noticed and posted to our weblog.
  • as far a project management, I don't have a ton of experience, but I do know that you need to be a wiki champion and make the wiki the only place to do a task, to get people used to it. Would love to chat via skype anytime. Best, MarkDilley
ok - i think i've come the conclusion i have to outline some basic Project Management:Use Cases so I can match the technology to the business need!
Confluence does look like it has potential...let me sit on it.

your new person button didn't put the structured data in my profile - just FYI Chinarut 05:18, 1 July 2006 (EDT)

I think it is inteneded to give some structure for you to fill out, I will have to see... MarkDilley
it looks like the structure for a wiki reference - I don't have my own wiki yet :)

have you found a wiki with a edit module with the sophistication of the concurrent editing like writely? 05:24, 1 July 2006 (EDT)

Why do you think I reccommended you move from ChinarutRuangchotvit to here? ;-)

There should be a move tab at the top of the page, or cut and paste! ;-)
should be done now! (my login timed out :)
"style of community building and working in an emotionaless medium of text that I believe works well."

WikiIndex agenda[edit]

see WikiIndex:60DayHappening#Agenda_setting for a bit of talk.

Discussion threads[edit]

ok - in the spirit of inventing wiki-based communication and addressing my communication breakdown, I am compiling our threads here - this is clearly an experiment in process ;-)

  • Recent Changes - I'm looking for is the mother of all dashboards to oversees all the communities I steward.
    • how do you monitor recent changes across several wikis?
    • I want to oversee both discussion threads and wikis. I'd like to hear your objections against - it seems to do a pretty good job in this space without having to resort to external systems like email or RSS. my only gripe - I can't oversee both my gmail and in one place (small cost right now)
  • Concurrent Editing - synchroedit might be good for documents - how about concurrent editing of individual wiki sections? like is edit this section "Discussion threads" at the same time?
  • Socialtext - I'm not clear what the value of socialtext "email this page" has (the page I sent you) - what do you think?
  • Full name logins - yes, this is a big issue for Thai people some of which have longer names than I do. in fact, most Thais have short nicknames like "Oey", "Oui", "Kae" just to deal with the issue. I prefer "chinarut" for all my logins on the internet, it's unique ;)
  • Asia Commons - thanks for taking a edit and send this before end of the day

ok - Google Mail "conversation management" is going to be some tough competition to a wiki-based method - let the games begin! :)