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Hi Mark, we (sander, daniel and me)discussed it and decided that you are right. It is a good idea to have a wikiindex and we would like to part of it. we had some spam problems, but finally realised that numbers of users equals findability equals amount of spam. If nobody can find us , nobody can spam us, but also nobody will use our wiki. we are then like the little kid in a Dutch commercial that send all his friends home so that he can eat the birthdaycake by himself, fat and lonely :-).
Anyways, it would work even better when everybody that is linked by wikiindex links to wikiindex. That way we would influence google search results (we get linked by you and your link to us get's more weight because we (and everybody else) links to you). It would be nice when you provide a button (maybe with wiki-markup, like websites do with html markup):


And maybe you should consider getting it's more usual for wiki's to have org. I think. thanks anyways for your great idea of creating order in the wiki-chaos and thanks for having us.

-- 10:01, 11 July 2006 (EDT)


see: Talk:CityMap