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Wiki.png The BZPB Wiki
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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: ShoutWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Role-playing
Wiki Size: 2,125 pages see stats...
(As of: 4th September 2017)


The BZPB Wiki is a wiki for documenting all aspects of the BZPB Omniverse, the fictional setting of the forum-based roleplaying game BZPB (originally known as BZPower Battles) and its spinoffs, successors, and associated stories. The first version of the wiki, then hosted by Wikia, was created on April 13, 2009 by King of Nynrah as the "Bzpower Battles Wiki". When the BZPB thread on was closed, the game and most of its players moved to an independent forum hosted by Forumotion and all ties to BZPower were severed, so the name of the wiki was changed from "Bzpower Battles Wiki" to "The BZPB Wiki". Because Wikia constantly tampered with the skin, added ads and generally harmed the functionality of the site, a decision was made in September 2013 to move the wiki to ShoutWiki. Just like the BZPB forum itself, the BZPB Wiki has only had 10-20 users over the course of its eight-year life, but remains active with edits being made almost every day. Edits now are mostly made by the main administrator of the site, Kon, with other users such as Klak and FullFrontal making the occasional edit.


  • Kon (Is an admin and regular contributor, formerly known as Zykx, and as King of Nynrah on Wikia)
  • Heat (Inactive admin, formerly known as -Blackout- on Wikia)
  • FullFrontal (Occasional contributor, formerly known as ZechsMerquiseofBZPB/Hyperupgrad/TehEvilNaju on Wikia)
  • Klak (Occasional contributor, formerly known as Klak-a-Klak on Wikia)
  • Zev Raregroove (Inactive)
  • LordMalygos (Inactive)
  • MakutaYnot (Inactive)
  • ShroomX2 (Inactive, formerly known as Mynameisnot on Wikia)
  • Claymore (Inactive)
  • Ferret-X (Inactive)
  • Adrastos35 (Inactive)
  • Paws the Gryphon (Inactive)