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The Htown Wiki
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The H-Town Wiki (or Htown Wiki, or Hamilton Music Wiki) is a wiki for music from Hamilton, New Zealand. It includes information on bands, venues, events, musicians, releases and music stores, both past and present.

The htown wiki was first set up in April 2006 by Dan Duran on ElWiki, but from mid-2007 this server became less stable. The site began to commonly go down for several days, eventually disappearing for a period of three weeks in August 2007, and was listed by wikipedia as "dead" during this time. In September 2007, the entire htown wiki site was migrated to the current "" site, in the fear that the 1000+ pages housed on the ElWiki site at that time would be lost. The fears were warranted, as the ElWiki site became inactive for several months within weeks of the migration, and eventually became entirely inactive.

The wiki has remained active and has continued to experience steady growth since this time, passing 2000 pages in July 2012. In December 2014, the Htown Wiki Facebook page was started, to better enable readers to keep up with changes on the wiki, to provide interesting links and stories about the Hamilton music scene from the wiki in a manner more passive for the reader, and to increase traffic to the wiki.

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Should not be confused with the H-Town Rock Wiki, a wiki for music from Houston, Texas, USA.
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