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This Theme Park Insider article is
referring to a site which
once included a wiki, but
no longer includes a wiki.
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The page "New 'Wiki' Articles on Park Guide Pages" seems to imply that, at least back in 2005, there was once a wiki there. Alas, there is apparently no longer a wiki at that site -- apparently the wiki that was there is now dead.

Theme Park Insider is a consumer's guide to the world's top theme and amusement parks, written and maintained by consumers themselves. Founded in 1999 by journalist Robert Niles, adopted a wiki format for its listings in December 2005.

Logged-in readers may edit the descriptions on each listing page for the parks, rides, shows, restaurants and hotels the site covers. In addition, each listing page contains non-wiki content, where readers may cast votes and post comments on the listed venue.

Wikis are also used to power "evergreen" feature articles, including:

In each case, readers who are unfamiliar with wiki technology, or unwilling to edit someone else's work, may still contribute to the page by appending a comment beneath the wiki itself. is written in ColdFusion, and provides an example of how a developer can use wiki technology within a content management system to provide group editing functionality in a reader-driven news website.

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