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Tiki Essentials:
What all Smarties Need to Know About Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

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Tiki Essentials is the follow-up to the #1 (OK, the only one, that I'm aware of) beginner's guide for TikiWiki CMS Groupware: Tiki for Dummies Smarties.

Tiki Essentials will help you take your Tiki-based website to the next level and become a member of the Tiki community. You'll learn the tips and tricks that I have accumulated over the years as a Tiki community member and code contributor, member of the Tiki Software Association, and (most-importantly) the administrator for several Tiki-based websites.

This guide is intended for folks who already have their Tiki up and running, but want to customize the site to make it more of their own. This guide assumes that you have already installed and configured your Tiki site (maybe you even used Tiki for Smarties), but want to emulate some of the "fancier" sites you've seen.