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tiki_smarties_en_reasonably_small.png Tiki for Smarties
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Status: Active
Language: Multilingual
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Wiki engine: TikiWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: TikiWiki
Wiki Size: 508 pages see stats...
(As of: 23 October 2012)

Tiki for Dummies Smarties: A beginner's guide to TikiWiki CMS Groupware.

Tiki für Dummies Pfiffige: Anfängerleitfaden für TikiWiki CMS Groupware.

Tiki Tolloille Neropateille: Aloittelijan opas TikiWiki-työryhmäohjelmalle.

Tiki para Tontos Listos: Guía de principiantes para el uso de TikiWiki CMS Groupware.

Tiki para Tótós Espertinhos: Um guia de utiliza��o de TikiWiki CMS Groupware para iniciados.

This is a collaboratively authored guide, using the TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, featuring 500+ pages, from 40+ contributors, read by 3,000,000+ visitors, in 6 languages! This wiki guide covers Tiki 1.9.x through the current release.