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cough.png Ultrastudio.org
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Status: NeedsLove
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: JAMWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Education
Wiki Size: 110 pages

Ultrastudio.org is an educational site built along the lines of “encyclopedia that anyone can edit” with content interactivity enhancements. Next to educational articles it also shows demos in the form of Java applets. These applets are written and contributed by community, same as the rest of content. The site is free to use for anyone, and most of the contents are under various Free licenses. All applets on the site are so called "unsigned applets" that are not allowed to access your local disk and other resources. Server removes all signatures when rebuilding applet on the server side. Also, applets are approved to run only after testing by the site team and public code review.

The total number of production pages (one or more Java applets + explaining Wiki article for the non-programming visitor) is about 115. This does not count applet project pages, code review pages, pages on site about the site itself and so on. The number of all pages should be well over 1000 as there is one code review page per package and then per class plus many other service pages.

The site uses JAMWiki the code is forked to implement the built-in access control list aware compiler, coder reviewing system and some other extensions, specifically needed by this project. Wiki engine allows to insert applets using Wiki syntax and they are only started after the user clicks on the screen shot. The server is capable to switch between HTML representations that are used to include Java applet, but currently is serving classic APPLET tag. It also provides links to launch applets in a separate frame through Web Start; such web start links (serving JNLP files) can be easily integrated as part of other educational projects.

Mathematical equations are rendered using JLaTeXMath engine.

The site provides new articles RSS feed.