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See: Encyclopedia, under which the UU Encyclopedia is described.

Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia, or UU Encyclopedia is found at http://www.unitarian-universalist.wetpaint.com/, and is a wiki. Relatively new in 2007, it contains mostly links to other sources at the time of this writing.

UU Encyclopedia strives mainly to provide a wide array of viewpoints. For that reason, under a given subject you may find sources such as Catholic Encyclopedia, Jewish Encyclopedia, Orthodox Wiki, Theopedia (evangelical) and Conservapedia. You might also find secular sources, such as the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The UU Encyclopedia is hoped to attract contributors with expert knowledge, such that UU and other ministers might write articles based on their knowledge and understanding, being original rather than just linking to other sources.

The Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia.

Describes things from the UU view. However, "aspiring to an ideal Neutral Point of View" NPOV, and so interested in other points of view -- attempts to reference encyclopedias from other points of view: the Catholic Encyclopedia, a Islamic or Muslim encyclopedia, the Jewish Encyclopedia, Theopedia, OrthodoxWiki, Citizendium, Bible Wiki, etc.

The edit button is near the top left of a page. Created in 2006. Its content is released under either Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license or the GNU Free Documentation License.