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A suggestion for possible expansion of wiki articles, using the English Wikipedia as an example. For many non-Wikimedia wikis, there should also be someplace to mention the parent website.

|name              = Wikipedia
|logo              = [[Image:Wikipedia.png|150px]]
|URL               =
|recentchanges URL =
|wikinode URL      =
|status            = Vibrant
|language          = Multilingual
|editmode          = OpenEdit
|engine            = MediaWiki
|maintopic         = Reference

"the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit"

2nd expansion paragraph covering Wikipedia:NPOV, etc.

Policies and Guidelines
Manual of Style
Dispute resolution

Many of the Wikipedia editors are high school and college age young males, predominantly from North America and Western Europe. This not only effects what topics get the most attention, but may also effect their behavior. Do not be surprised when some editors choose edit wars over page content instead of discussion and compromise.

News and information
Related wikis

See also:

Featured webpages
TourBusStop & WikiNode

A table with a date column, plus columns for the number of articles, users, and admins (from Special:Statistics for MediaWiki wikis). For larger wikis, maybe a column for their Alexa rating as well. [note:current stats in the table are fake.]

date articles users admins Alexa
1/1/2006 700,000 35,000 500 40

Blogs and discussion groups
Additional data
Reviews of this wiki
Mirror websites

The Wikipedia has numerous mirror websites. Some of them have cooperative agreements with the Wikipedia, while others have only posted an old download of the database that is never updated and they have removed all reference to the Wikipedia and the GFDL licence. Many other mirrors are somewhere between those extremes. Here are two of the better-known Wikipedia mirrors:

See also: wp:Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks: a description and links to alphabetic lists of Wikipedia mirrors

Forks of the Wikipedia

There are several forks of the Wikipedia, with most of them started by individuals who have had disagreements over Wikipedia policy or editorial content as an editor on the Wikipedia.

Parodies and Satires
Other websites
Wiki zeitgeist (aka folksonomy, collaborative tagging, social bookmarking)
InterWiki Map

For other Wikis
  • Parent websites (if they are non-Wikis)
  • Wiki farm (e.g. WikiCities)
Other possible sections