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Hoof Hearted – aka Sean
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Hi,, a warm welcome to my user page. I'm Hoof Hearted (not my real name . . . it is merely a cryptic nickname I gained as a result of producing excessive <cough> wind, or 'gas' if you are left of the pond!). I'm from England in the United Kingdom, and my dear mother christened me with my first name of Sean (with the correct spelling :p ).
I'd like to think I am contributing in a useful manner here on WikiIndex, although sadly I'm also prone to taking an odd <cough> sabatical occasionally. :-/ In June 2011, as a reward for my hearty efforts here on WikiIndex, I was 'promoted' to an administrator, and a short while later to bureaucrat – one of the members of a truly great team! If you'd like to talk to me, please leave me a message on my talk page, thanks.

My ToDo list – feel free to dive in and help me out if you wish :-)

If I've gone AWOL, you might find me here, and you'll find a little more about my username <wink>!!

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