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My name is Chris Watkins, but that's a surprisingly common name, so I almost always go by the username Chriswaterguy. (I used to call myself Singkong2005, but Chriswaterguy is more descriptive). I like to be able to Google for my username - not for vanity, but to keep track of my conversations and contributions, and this wouldn't work if I used my real name.

I spend a lot of time contributing to wikis, mainly at Wikipedia and Appropedia, the wiki for appropriate technology, sustainability and international development.

The Wiki Synergy Project[edit]

I would like to see greater synergy, through people working on the wikis that best suit them - and WikiIndex is a fantastic tool for that. I have edited Appropedia's WikiNode so it starts with links to the relevant categories on WikiIndex.

Now, to be more active in pursuing these aims I have started a project: see The Wiki Synergy Project for more.

Areas of interest[edit]

I am interested in:

  • International development, including especially
    • Appropriate technology
    • Clean water and sanitation
    • Community participation in development
    • Gender issues
  • Sustainability issues, especially
    • Climate change
    • Efficiency in the use of resources such as energy and water
    • Effective reuse of waste (e.g. through biogas digesters)
  • Permaculture and urban agriculture
  • Urban planning for sustainability, community and quality of life
  • Languages
  • Education

My areas of expertise are those closer to the top, particularly appropriate technology, water and sanitation.