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Welcome to WikiIndex, Koavf :-)
Bienvenue! Witaj! Вітаем! Здравствуйте! !שלם Willkommen! Bienvenidos! Mirë se vjen! 歡迎光臨! Vítáme tě! Welkom! Bonvenon! კეთილი იყოს შენი მობრძანება! Bemmenute!
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Our goal is to make an index of all wiki sites.

Koavf (talk) 07:16, 2 June 2015 (PDT)

Deleted page[edit]

Welcome When I created your account, the software automatically generates a blank page. Another admin usually comes along and deletes these, so I figured I would save him the trouble. Koavf (talk) 07:11, 3 June 2015 (PDT)

Oh. Luis (talk) (guestbook) 18:33, 3 June 2015 (PDT)

New language category[edit]

Category:TagalogSpeakers Maybe You can translate the text of this template into Tagalog. Manorainjan 07:56, 3 June 2015 (PDT)

Telugu and Tagalog are completely different, dude. Tagalog is used here in the Philippines, while Telugu is used in India. Luis (talk) (guestbook) 18:31, 3 June 2015 (PDT)

OK, I guess I corrected it now. Manorainjan 04:24, 4 June 2015 (PDT)

New pages[edit]

For new pages Template:Wikia boilerplate or Template:Wiki boilerplate are preferred, so that informationm like the year of foundation may be incorporated in the structural data

SimCity BuildIt Wiki.

The "Add a Wiki" function is only for beginners and not well written yet. Manorainjan 07:20, 5 June 2015 (PDT)

Okay. Luis (talk) (guestbook) 01:58, 8 June 2015 (PDT)


What is the difference to Category:Randomness?

Please give every category which You create a definition of what it stands for and how to use this category. Examples: Category:Ideology and Category:Sandbox whereas the later contains also a definition of what it is not and where to find that which it is not. Manorainjan 05:34, 11 June 2015 (PDT)


Is there any wiki where works? --Manorainjan 07:26, 5 December 2015 (PST)

Well, it used to work. Now it just shows an error. And Merry Christmas from Luis (talkcontribsguestbook) 16:23, 17 December 2015 (PST)