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Main topic: Violin
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Violinwiki is an online specialized encyclopaedia with one topic - the violin.

This wide topic - accoustic violin - further branches into the articles containing

  • the biographies of composers who composed for the violin.
  • the biographies of violin pedagogues; their life and the published works.
  • the biographies of luthiers and bow makers.
  • the lists of composer's works for violin or works containing a violin part.
  • etude analysis: what skill the etude develops, which piece/s it is a preparation for, technical and musical advice for the given etude
  • technical and musical analysis of the pieces: fingering, bowing, phrasing, teaching points, pitfalls for the students of the piece and alternative interpretations for pieces from Twinkle to Tchaikovsky
  • the descriptions and explanations of various violin techniques accompanied by photos and videos
  • the description of violin books - method books, scale books, etude books, from Geminiani to Ševčík.
  • the description of the instrument
  • information about the violin strings