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Wikilaw's goal is to build the largest open-content legal resource in the world (editor: it seems to focus on American law right now). Please contribute to the Wiki-Treatises, Wiki-Motions, Wiki-Law-Dictionary, Wiki-Law-Articles, and Democracy 2.0.

Wiki-Treatises are collaborative documents created by the Wikilaw community on various different aspects of the law.

Wiki-Law-Dictionary seeks to collaboratively produce a comprehensive law dictionary that is free for anyone to consult.

Wiki-Law Case Briefs seeks to collaboratively produce case briefs of cases in all areas of law.

Wiki-Law-Review is the first collaborative law review.

Wiki-Motions seeks to aid practitioners in drafting memos to support their motions.

Democracy 2.0 is a Wikilaw experiment that hypothesizes that a wide range of individuals, not just politicians and special interest groups, can contribute to the creation of our nation's laws.

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