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wikiFactor (wF) — (list by wFcategorytemplate)
wF = 0 wF = 1 wF = 2 wF = 3 wF = 4
wF = 5 wF = 6 wF = 7 wF = 8 wF = 9
wF = 10–19 wF = 20–49 wF = 50–99 wF = 100–199 wF = 200→

wikiFactor (wF) measures the impact of a wiki site. The wikiFactor is based on the popular scientific h-index, as used for research citations. Details are given in the paper wikiFactor: a measure of the importance of a wiki site. It used to be very simple to calculate, as it was included as a statistical output of the integral core of some of the most popular wiki engines. As an example for previous releases of the ubiquitious MediaWiki; first one would go to the Special:Popularpages page, and the wikiFactor value is determined as the number of pages – wF – that has had more than 1000 wF visits.

For example, the wikiFactor of WikiIndex (as reported by the final version of MediaWiki which included Special:Popularpages) is 20, i.e., page 20 in the list has had more than 20,000 visits, whereas page 21 has not yet reached 21,000 visits.

For more detailed information, along with specific instructions for various wiki engines, see how to calculate the wikiFactor of a site, as shown in template:Size.