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People with bureaucrat rights can add or remove rights / permissions from people's accounts here on WikiIndex. Typically, bureaucrats are sysops additionally, because the first step to promote a person within a basic account is to give them sysop rights. Bureaucrats are basically the top-tier level of administrator on a MediaWiki wiki – all other groups are technically subordinate to bureaucrats, and as such, actual numbers of bureaucrats are generally quite limited, for better or worse.

As of August 2014, WikiIndex has 14 bureaucrats, although only 2 or 3 of them are are active on a daily basis. The full list of WikiIndex bureaucrats can be found here.

If you, as a bureaucrat, want to edit an accounts rights, go to the page "User rights management" (over Special:SpecialPages)

  • Input the account name
  • click [edit user groups]

select on ore more items from the list and then click [Save User Groups] after having edited the "Reason for change:" field.

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