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Consensus is arrived at on WikiIndex through discussion. There is a hierarchy on the site for technical and legal reasons but decision-making is encouraged through community input. In practice, this can be difficult to achieve when the community is small or many members are inactive.

The WikiIndex domain name is owned by Raymond King, who also provides the hosting service and the backup data. The people who work for him have the backend access. The content of the site is under the licence Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike and as such is owned by the public. Sysops are appointed by bureaucrats. Any sysop can take an action, such as blocking an account or deleting an article. If no other sysop reverses the action, then it stands. Sysops making contentious actions can be discussed at the WikiIndex:Community portal. If the community finds these actions unacceptable, other sysops can undo them or that person can have his rights modified.