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Wikimedia Meta-Wiki – Help:Interwiki linking


Interwiki is the term used to describe a method of linking directly to other 'external' wikis, using 'internal' wikilink double-square brackets — [[]]. This is used instead of single-square brackets which are used to link to conventional external URLs (which render a link with a double-arrow, which is unsightly when used within prose).

Interwiki list

Here resides our WikiIndex interwiki list with some 120 entries – you can not edit it yourself. Contact a WikiIndex interwiki manager or Administrator if any notable external wikis are not on this list, you think they should be, and we have a valid need to link to articles on said external wiki.

The master of this list, is called Meta-Wiki:Interwiki map maintained on Wikimedia Meta-Wiki. It has more than 400 entries.

Interlanguage links

It is possible to make a link on the sidebar saying the page exists in another language. For example, [[fr:InterWiki]] creates a link in the sidebar saying this page exists in French. If it shows a red link, contact an interwiki manager.

I don't know how to do this, not sure of it's function. MarkDilley
Not available here. --YiFei | talk 08:45, 25 June 2013 (UTC)

This is most commonly used on Wikipedia – as an example, for the English Wikipedia, you might be reading an article on Bill Gates, and the sidebar will show interlanguage links for Bill Gates articles on say German Wikipedia, Polish Wikipedia, Japanese Wikipedia, etc. However, it is unlikely that this facility would be used here on WikiIndex.

Cleaning up the interwiki list

It looks like there are a bunch of links to WikiIndex that may have been thought to link to language sections, I propose to delete those and add them if they are ever needed. MarkDilley

Rather than have a long list that people have to scroll down (especially with the page having no contents) wouldn't it be better to have an InterWiki template that lists all the languages and allows non-English people to click on one word to get to a page that is only in their language?
Is it possible to have something like and then use that to change the content navigate and toolbox menus into Spanish? David Shepheard 01:35, 13 May 2009 (EDT)
I believe that MediaWiki is set up to work that way. Someone else had mentioned this in one of the threads on the Community Talk page (I think). --MarvelZuvembie 16:02, 13 May 2009 (EDT)


A discussion about branding for the InterWiki idea. Some logos saved:

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